You might have noticed something a little unusual gracing the Pinkard hardhats and company trucks recently. It's small and innocuous enough - just two stylized letters, PK - but to the Pinkard Construction family, it is very meaningful.

Back in September, we lost an integral part of our organization when a key member of our management team and "office mom," Paula Kafer, passed away very suddenly following a short battle with leukemia. 

After the dust had settled, a long-time Pinkard employee proposed this small, but meaningful tribute in her honor. PK, as she was known around our office, was memorialized with a simple sticker to grace the hardhats of all of who were lucky enough to know her. 

Like the sports team who remembers a fallen owner or key player, we are proud to wear Paula's initials on our hardhats and remember that she is still looking out for us.