One team, one goal.

Pinkard is a recognized leader in Colorado construction safety. In fact, as a National Safety Excellence award-winner, Pinkard is recognized by Associated Builders and Contractors as one of the safest contractors in America.

In addition to the obvious benefits to the health and safety of construction crews and facility users, Pinkard’s industry-leading safety performance also benefits our owners’ bottom lines: safe jobsites directly translate into more economical projects.

Pinkard’s safety excellence is the result of many years of developing a safety-first culture.

As a family and employee-owned business, we believe deeply in the strength and value of our people. Nothing is more sacred than sending each of them home safely at the end of the day. It is the most important part of our job.

We have worked hard to build an enthusiastic culture of safety that is supported by management but thrives at the grass roots level. We begin from the ground up by hiring people who believe in the value of doing things right, not right now. We continue their education in "Best Practices" for a safe work environment. All employees gather quarterly to address a new topic with the idea that every injury is preventable. On site, they continually receive training on everything from Hazardous Communication to Forklift Operation.

During the planning stages of every project, our project teams look at every aspect of the design to identify ways to mitigate risk to worker safety. During construction, weekly tool box talks and health briefings are held with all site employees. On all Pinkard jobsites, we consider everyone to be a safety manager. In addition to our regular, formal safety audits, any employee can fill out a jobsite audit if a safety or risk management issue is observed.