Denver Housing Authority
Wong Strauch Architects
Denver, CO
Project Size
84,326 sf
The single best thing about this project was Pinkard’s commitment. They had a commitment to schedule, they had a commitment to quality, they had a commitment to the unspeakables—the soft side, the political issues with the residents, the people side of it. There were so many pieces of it, and all parts were good.

The Thomas Connole Apartment project was the complete gut and renovation of an 84,326 sf building combined with the addition of a 13,433 sf cast-in-place exterior wall that spans the entire height and width of the west elevation.

Because this project was HUD funded, owner Denver Housing Authority had inflexible spending deadlines. The project was put out to bid, and came in $2 million over budget. HUD deadlines prevented another hard bid effort.

To maximize their remaining time, DHA hired Pinkard to solve their budget crisis under a CM/GC delivery method with Wong Strauch Architects. Pinkard and Wong Strauch worked with DHA in an intense value engineering effort to get the project in budget.

As construction commenced, Pinkard discovered over 200 asbestos “hot spots” scattered throughout the building. Stopping construction for additional, extensive abatement would overrun DHA’s HUD spending schedule and cause DHA to lose their funding. Instead, Pinkard instituted strict safety and environmental controls along with a complex sequencing plan to allow construction to continue despite the abatement activities. Site staging limitations required extensive coordination with the neighborhood.


Associated Builders and Contractors' 2002 first place National Excellence in Construction "Eagle" Award

Testimonial Excerpts
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