Denver Housing Authority
Workshop 8
Denver, CO
Project Size
91,900 sf
Pinkard Construction came into this project early on and was critical to the final outcome and success of the development. It was their concept, of keeping the new construction separate from the rehab of the existing buildings that generated the overall site plan and building form.
Pinkard's rehabilitation of Denver Housing Authority’s South Lowell multi family housing project includes a complete interior and exterior renovation, energy upgrades, and a 28-unit ground-up addition within the inner courtyard of the four-sided South Lowell property.
Because this “building within a building” concept had never been proposed in the City and County of Denver, there was no design precedent for existing stormwater and fire codes. Through a collaborative partnership involving Pinkard, architect Workshop 8, DHA, key subcontractors, and Denver Fire and Denver Wastewater, the team was able to determine the letter and intent of existing codes and to modify the design to the satisfaction of all authorities having jurisdiction. 
Designed and constructed to meet Enterprise Green Community Criteria, the South Lowell property features Energy Star® Appliances, energy efficient lighting and boilers, low flow fixtures and low-e windows. It contains five handicapped accessible units, three laundry rooms, a community room, an outdoor play fountain and close access to public transit and open spaces. 
The newly completed project transforms the 1970’s-era property from 68 units and 64,500 sf to 96 units totalling 91,900 sf.
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From the outset, I have been very impressed with the way Pinkard operated and interacted with other Design Team members. They are very professional and efficient, a pleasure to work with. They keep the construction process moving very smoothly. I was very grateful for their involvement in this project that had a very tight budget and construction schedule.
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