University of Denver
TSP/Tryba Architects
Denver, CO
Project Size

Pinkard Construction provided comprehensive CM/GC services for the addition of a new lacrosse stadium at the University of Denver. Pinkard had to build this 350-foot long building in a dead-end alley that only allowed access from a very narrow point at one end of the site. It was bordered on the west side of the Ritchie Center Athletic Complex, wedged in between an in-use lacrosse field and two in-use soccer fields, and by several mid-rise dormitories from which students constantly streamed on all sides of the construction area.

With a liberal, flexible schedule, these site constraints would be no problem, but an early Spring lacrosse tournament dictated a tight, seven-month construction schedule, with the heart of the project occurring in the dead of winter. During design and construction, Pinkard encountered and overcame numerous challenges, the majority of which were caused by the simple issue of having to construct a very complex, 200-year life span structure on the tiny site.

To complicate the construction issues, the architect made the decision to leave town while they were finalizing documents, and assigned the Peter Barton project architect to close the office. It caused quite a distraction. The project architect commented: “All this had an obvious effect on my design schedule. Our two week VE effort took four weeks. There were document coordination and system breakdowns. Other things just got missed. Pinkard understood these difficulties and bent over backwards to help us, but they still had to start construction seven weeks late. Pinkard ended up pouring concrete in December and January—the absolute worst times to pour in Colorado.”

While building within these constraints, Pinkard worked with the design team to create and improvise numerous, “build-as-you-design” innovations in sequencing, concrete, waterproofing and creative uses of a site barely larger than the structure’s footprint.


Associated Builders and Contractors' 2005 first place National Excellence in Construction Eagle award