Housing Authority for the City of Loveland
Aller Lingle Massey Architects
Loveland, CO
Project Size
180,000 sf
The Pinkard team did a thorough job in the preconstruction phase of the project by identifying potential value-engineering items for the owner to consider while also providing a constructability review of the final construction documents. This provided an opportunity for the design team to clarify or address any questions or concerns Pinkard had prior to the start of construction, thus helping the entire construction process move more smoothly.
Mirasol Phase II Apartment Building is a 60-unit independent living facility designed specifically for seniors. It is located on the 25-acre Mirasol Senior Community campus, which also contains a 49-unit apartment building, 36 single-family and paired homes for seniors, and a 5,600 sf Event Center.
Phase II consists of three stories of wood frame construction with caissons and grade beams, stucco and synthetic stone exterior, and asphalt shingles. Mechanical systems include geo-thermal exchange for heating and cooling, a solar collector system to augment the domestic hot water system, and in-floor radiant heating.Other innovative energy conservation technologies include thermal balanced windows, Energy Star rated lighting fixtures and appliances. The building meets the requirements of the 2009 International Building Code, the 2009 International Energy Code, and the Enterprise Green Communities™ Criteria.
This project is funded primarily with Low Income Housing Tax Credits.


...this project was no "walk in the park," demanding the highest level of discipline and leadership. The number one priority was to provide each resident maximum comfort while reducing the total energy consumption of the building by 30 percent. [This was] a very challenging goal when utilizing LIHTC and fixed rental incomes, but [Pinkard] managed to install some of the most advanced technologies in the housing industry.
Not only did Pinkard deliver ‘big time,’ but we ended up about $150,000 under budget.
Testimonial Excerpts
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Green Features

Geo-thermal heat exchange system, solar assisted hot water panels, in-floor radiant heat in all units, instant domestic hot water back-up system, hydrazone landscaping and computer controlled irrigation