City and County of Denver
ACLP Architects
Denver, CO
Project Size
197,000 sf

Minoru Yasui Plaza in downtown Denver is a 17-story structure originally designed and built (by Pinkard Construction) as a hotel, and later acquired by the City and County of Denver for transformation into a city office building. Minoru Yasui needed 1) roof repairs, 2) an interior renovation, and 3) structural repairs to the fourth and fifth floors. Anticipating three separate projects with yet-to-be defined timetables, the city hired 1) an architect for the roof repairs, 2) a different architect for the interior renovation, and 3) yet another architect for the structural repairs.

The three designs for the three projects sat on a shelf for a time, but a new budget year for the City and County of Denver offered a new opportunity for the Minoru Yasui Plaza projects. By packaging the three projects as one, the city hoped it could receive a major price break. The project went out to bid, and Pinkard won the job by $83.

ACLP Architects, as architect of record, was required to create some semblance of coordination among the drawings despite this being a hard bid job with no opportunity for preconstruction coordination between Pinkard and ACLP.

Standing in the way were the stringent new air standards and the code requirement of minimum seven foot ceilings. Because of the eight foot deck to- deck heights, the project team had only nine inches of plenum space in which to install the 15 miles of HVAC/MEP that would be necessary to serve the building’s 245 employees and their clients.

To successfully complete the renovation, Pinkard acted in the role of construction manager/general contractor despite the hard bid contract. At every opportunity, Pinkard and ACLP held architect/owner/contractor meetings in the field to iron out the many design conflicts associated with the uncoordinated designs.


Associated Builders and Contractors' 2004 National Excellence in Construction Eagle Award winner.