MIllerCoors LLC
Denver, CO
Project Size
60,000 sq. ft.
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On this design-build project, Pinkard worked with Zeiler-Pennock to expand MillerCoors’ Denver distribution facility. This $5 million expansion involved carefully choreographed integration between the new automated palletizer system and the teams installing it and Pinkard’s teams building the shell. “We had less than 4 months to be dried-in in order to meet Vertique’s schedule,” said project manager, Tony Burke, “because on December 13, the trucks started rolling in.” These trucks, 70 in all, contained the Vertique system.

The team had to stage the Vertique equipment that was coming off the trucks and allow the installation team and our own teams enough space to get their jobs done. It was a matter of rethinking and rerouting operations on a daily basis and that’s just inside the building. Outside the building, another series of carefully thought-out plans had to be executed. A portion of the loop utilized daily by semi-trucks had to be re-graded and the utilities re-routed.

Working on only an eight-week deadline, Pinkard completed the work so business could go back to normal. Every aspect of this building had to be built to precise specifications. From the level of the floor, to the position of the lights, to the exact alignment of the columns, the high level of precision is absolutely crucial to safe, efficient running of this plant. It mattered to our client, so it matters to us.

Pinkard delivered this state of the art distribution facility on time and under budget and MillerCoors celebrated their grand opening 10 years to the day of the original facility’s opening. This addition has allowed MillerCoors to increase their variety of product from 800 SKUs to 1000 SKUs and increased their distribution load from 8 million cases per year to 13 million cases per year while maintaining their current level of employment.

Video on the Vertique System

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