Town of Erie
OZ Architects
Erie, CO
Project Size
26,300 sf
I want to express my gratitude for [Pinkard's] work in Erie. Not only did the building exceed all expectations in quality and execution, but the Pinkard team made the process as professional and cooperative as possible. [They] took no shortcuts in fulfilling the client’s and designer’s needs and vision. Thank you for making our work easy.

Pinkard worked with OZ Architects to create a brand new facility for the Town of Erie’s public works and parks departments. Through value engineering and efficiencies realized though cooperation between the owner, architect and Pinkard, we were able to deliver their building with over $200,000 worth of savings and 56 days ahead of schedule.

Though a fairly typical project in many respects, the team encountered some unusual site conditions. There was a redtail hawk nest on the site that, since these are a protected species, the team had to be very careful not to disturb throughout the course of the project. In addition, the site lay in the flight paths of a the Erie municipal airport and special care had to be taken to lower the crane boom to keep outside of the very low-flying planes on approach for landing.

Perhaps most challenging though was that the team was building a commercial/industrial building in an established neighborhood. They had their sights set on being a good neighbor and worked diligently to contain the irritations that come with being in close proximity to construction: noise, traffic and mess. The team worked strict permitted hours and made adjustments to the site plan to keep the mess on site as much as possible.

At the end of the project, the client had a brand new facility, including lift, lube and air systems and a specialized welding shop. The town also elected to install many green features, including a reflective TPO roof, solar site lighting, solar panels and high-efficiency mechanical equipment.

Testimonial Excerpts
Leon A. Wurl Maintenance Facility - filling client's and designer's needs - Joe Levi