Graland Country Day School
Semple Brown Design
Denver, CO
Project Size
25,000 sf
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Pinkard contracted with Graland Country Day School - a highly regarded pre-K through 8th grade prepatory school - for a phased renovation and addition that included razing the Gates science building to make room for a new Commons building and a major renovation of their Foundations Center.

This was a tricky project on a “very occupied” campus. The normal daily functions of a busy school were going on right up against the construction site. Pinkard dealt with the tight quarters and young neighbors by creating a great site logistics plan. We were cordoned off with fencing and had just a single entrance point into the site where we were the gate keepers.

Compounding the extremely close site was an easement that ran through the property that couldn’t be properly explored during preconstruction due to the active campus. Pinkard’s superintendent requested a utilities locate and that’s when things got interesting. The men in black showed up and gave a verbal cease and desist. The easement was for a NORAD line! Working in conditions that more closely resembled an archeological dig than a construction site, the team used a hydro-vacuum to gently remove the soil from around the line and then protected it with a concrete cap. The construction was then able to move forward.

Seeking LEED Gold certification on the project while retaining a sense of history, the owners wanted to keep their Ludowici roof tiles from the Gates Science Building, first installed in the 1930s. Pinkard’s team removed the tiles and carefully crated them. They then coordinated with an owner-contracted roofer to replace the tiles on the new, larger roof along with modern Ludowici tiles.

A handful of other challenges cropped up, including an MEP system that was too large for the space it was designed for. The team worked through all of these, helping the owners to visualize how everything would come together. In the end, the owners and end users alike were thrilled with their new spaces.

Core Market