Frasier Meadows, Inc.
Boulder, CO
Project Size
30,000 sf
Core Market
During the 1,000-year rain event in Boulder September 2013, water rose rapidly at Frasier Meadows Retirement Community, sending what residents described as a “wall of water” barreling down their street.
Two underground parking lots packed with cars were completely filled with flood water, garden-level apartments were flooded, power transformers blew out, and residents most in need of care — those in wheelchairs and beds and tended to by nursing staffers — were being carried up steps by staffers and other residents. Just as the water charged into the building, the people unable to escape were rescued — 54 residents in 24 minutes.
After the flood waters receded, long-time Pinkard client Frasier Meadows turned to Pinkard to restore their facility and help return their residents’ lives to normal.
Scope of work for this critical project includes complete post-dewatering renovations of garden level residential units and two underground parking structures. Residential renovations include comprehensive interior work including drywall, electrical, insulation, carpet, tile, paint and doors. Parking scope includes extensive electrical restoration of primary and secondary power switches, insulation, fire alarms, elevator infrastructure plus new ceiling grids.
Pinkard was proud to turn this project around and have residents back in their apartments in time for Thanksgiving.