Colorado State University
Aller Lingle Architects
Fort Collins, CO
Project Size
81,783 sf

The CSU Plant Science Building project was the renovation of a 45-year-old teaching and research facility housing two different departments, each with numerous working laboratories. These research laboratories are funded by grants, operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and cannot be shut down.

The facility had to remain occupied and in-use throughout the construction process. Pinkard phased the project into two distinct components to allow the renovation to be done in one wing of the building while the other wing stayed fully functional. This phased construction schedule allowed Pinkard and CSU to shuttle the offices and classrooms—over 100 people—to six different campus locations so that operations could continue during construction. Pinkard coordinated the move for CSU.

To solve the challenge of keeping the labs running during construction, the building was gutted around the working laboratories. Meticulous daily coordination between faculty and the construction team was required to make this a success.

During construction, additional funding allowed CSU to add considerable scope, necessitating a significant resequencing of the project, including performing additional major construction within areas that were already completed.

In the end, Pinkard overcame massive logistical issues—complicated sequencing—ambiguous or incorrect as-builts—an inflexible end-date—an uncertain budget—and an almost 60% increase in scope with only a two week schedule extension. CSU Project Manager Jim Stoddard observed that with the scope increases and unforeseen conditions, the project should have finished “six months late.” Despite the adversity, Pinkard’s dedication to quality produced an outstanding project that was awarded Associated Builders and Contractors’ first place National Excellence in Construction Eagle award.


Associated Builders and Contractors' 2003 first place National Excellence in Construction "Eagle" award