Black Hawk Station
Development/Design Consortium
Black Hawk, CO
Project Size
7,000 sf
Core Market
This project involved the renovation of two historic buildings in the City of Black Hawk as well as a small 2-story addition to these buildings to create the new Black Hawk Station Casino & Sports Bar. The main floor casino uses a railroad theme to tie into the historic use of the site. An escalator carries the patrons to a sports bar on the second floor.
The interior of the first and second floors of the two existing buildings and the complete roof structure were removed. As a result of years of flooding, the basement had filled with silt and had to be re-excavated, by hand, and a new concrete floor poured. The entire existing stacked rock foundation was stabilized with gunite concrete and the load was transferred to new knee walls supported on new footings.
The first and second floors as well as the roof structure were completely rebuilt while an addition was added to the buildings. Two foot thick historical brick walls were removed, a brick at a time, and new brick arches were constructed using the salvaged brick to connect the two historic buildings as well as the addition. The exterior windows and doors, which in some cases had nearly rotted away, were completely restored and the exterior brick work was repaired, all in strict compliance with the Historical Committee’s requirements. The interior of the building was provided with new electrical and mechanical systems. Two bars and a food service area were installed along with all of the architectural finishes to create the finished product.
This project was completed in approximately 75 days by over 50 tradesmen working in an area just under 7,000 feet in two and three 8-hour shifts.
Core Market