Auraria Higher Education Center
AR7 Hoover Desmond Architects
Denver, CO
Project Size
622,829 sf
Core Market
This 4-level precast structure adds 1,725 parking spaces to the large downtown Denver campus which houses three colleges: Metropolitan State, Community College of Denver and University of Colorado at Denver.  Encompassing an entire city block, this is the largest parking garage ever built for an educational facility in Colorado.
The design of the parking facility compliments the architecture of the campus, low-rise buildings with brick facades and horizontal strip view openings. A night lighting circuitry system lowers power consumption during the day and provides additional lighting at night for security. Other security features include a closed circuit television system and voice activated sound system on every level, within elevator lobbies and at each stairway exit. Service to all levels is via elevators, stairs and ramps.  Automobiles enter from Walnut and Lawrence Streets and use a pay-in, free-out debit card payment system.
The precast structure uses 1,672 pieces of precast concrete members in addition to the 184 spandrels of brick facade.
The facility also houses the campus parking administration offices which occupy 11,000 square feet.