Nov 9, 2017

LAKEWOOD, CO. – Pinkard Construction Company, an award-winning Colorado leader in preconstruction services, today announced that Mark Bokhoven is Pinkard’s new director of preconstruction.

A Pinkard employee since 2006, Mark has functioned as director of preconstruction since April 2017. As director of preconstruction, Mark’s responsibilities will be to drive the vision and strategy for Pinkard’s overall preconstruction approach as well as taking on preconstruction responsibilities of some key projects. 

Jim Pinkard, CEO of Pinkard Construction: “Mark is a humble leader who leads by example in a very collaborative way. He works hard at understanding the desired outcome of the client and the vision of the architect. He adds great value to his projects by using that approach and communicating clearly the scope estimated. He is always striving to raise the standard in all work he and his department deliver. His collaboration with the operation teams to understand their approach to the schedule and means and methods of constructing the projects creates a comprehensive estimate that reflects the nuances of each project. That approach serves him and his department well.”

With a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering from Iowa State University, Mark has served at Pinkard Construction as a senior preconstruction manager, lead project estimator, and project engineer. He took a three-year hiatus from Pinkard to play rugby for the U.S. national team, where the team won a bronze medal at the Pan American games in 2011. 

Mark’s leadership approach – as influenced by his rugby career – is about inspiration and setting an example for his staff, coworkers and clients. “Rugby taught me that leadership is not from the top, that good leaders inspire people through their actions. People will join you in your fight – in your struggle for improvement – as long as they see you fighting and pushing forward.”

And what is Mark fighting for as director of preconstruction? Accuracy and creating preconstruction teams committed to staying with a project from start to finish, not just in the preconstruction phase. 

“Preconstruction should be a continuing process, not just, ‘Okay we got it all figured out. Go start construction.’ It’s working with the architect and the owner through completion to continually tweak the budget: How can we save money here? Let's enhance the project here because we saved money over here.” 

Mark believes that owning the project from start to finish is also about establishing Best Practices for the department through a lessons learned evaluation process. How accurate was the estimate, the schedule developed with the superintendent? How were the manpower projections? Which subcontractors performed well?

Mark also subscribes to a whole-project approach when it comes to estimating accuracy. “Simply arriving at an estimate through the take-off process, and maybe talking to some subcontractors is easy, but getting the true ‘right’ numbers takes a lot of work. It's that dialogue with the architect and owner to know where the project is headed, uncovering and understanding what's not shown on the drawings. To understand the intent for a space, that’s where you identify a project’s true estimate.”

This vision for his department stems from Mark’s own expertise as an estimator. During his years in the preconstruction department, Mark developed a reputation for high accuracy, with variances between his schematic and construction document estimates frequently less than one percent.

Mark will be overseeing an already strong preconstruction staff of five, which has a combined 100+ years of experience. Average Pinkard tenure in Mark’s department is 12 years.


About Pinkard Construction Company

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