We construct your building four times before we ever break ground.

Three-quarters of a project’s success in programming, budget and cost control, quality, fit and finish, and safety is determined during preconstruction.

Understanding the importance of preconstruction and planning is the foundation of a successful project. Choosing a contractor with the tools and dedication to conduct a thorough, in-depth preconstruction planning process is the first step.

Getting the job within budget at the design development (DD) phase so there are no surprises at the construction documents (CD) phase is crucial to avoid costly and time consuming redesign. The accuracy of our early estimates allows the owner and design team to make timely final value engineering decisions so they can maintain the design schedule.

Pinkard also works in close collaboration with architects and engineers to refine the design at the schematic and design development phases. In doing so, we identify optimal efficiencies and cost effective approaches while maintaining the architect’s vision and the owner’s program.

Once the design is set, the entire construction team and senior-level staff sits down to go over the drawings in painstaking detail. We work to identify any inconsistencies and design ommissions, resolving these issues to avoid costly Requests for Information or Change Orders in the field and getting the best available prices from bidding subcontractors.

This process goes well beyond the typical constructability review. Not only do we consider 'Can it be built this way?' but also 'Should it be built this way?'  We examine the design from all angles to reveal any opportunities to trim cost and schedule, while optimizing the clarity of construction documents.

In this process we can also identify larger issues that affect a building’s long-term maintenance, operation and resilience. Our architect partners understand and appreciate the collaborative spirit in which we present these ideas. They see it as a way to improve the design and construction process – not as an indictment of their work.

This process is further enhanced by our in-house Building Information Modeling (BIM). Using state-of-the-art software, Pinkard builds a virtual replica of the building and its crucial systems. By viewing the project in three dimensions, we are able to identify system conflicts, and correct them during design.

Our entire preconstruction process begins and ends with excellent communication and thorough documentation and tracking. We strive to make this process stress-free for clients and free from unexpected surprises in price or schedule. Our meticulous planning provides us with a clear understanding of project requirements and a detailed plan of action, ultimately affording our clients the invaluable asset of peace of mind.

There simply is no substitute for great planning.